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steph shields

Fried Rice Recipe

One of my family’s favorite meals for dinner has always been fried rice. Previously, we would make it with chicken or steak as the protein source, and lot’s of vegetables. When I went vegetarian, I originally tried to make it with tofu. I found myself…

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Abhijit Ray

Destiny #SundayPhotoFiction

Dark cloud that enveloped the cityscape suggested possibility of an impending thunder shower. Samir walked into the stake house that has come up in the city suburb. Today Sameer felt an urge to have a stake cooked rare medium. Was it destiny that dragged…

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Strawberry Shortcake

Where I live strawberries are usually fresh in June. It’s also the month of my mother’s birthday so we often have shortcake instead of birthday cake to celebrate. This shortcake recipe is sweet, light and fluffy yet it is still firm enough to take on a…

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Recipe #001 – Veggie loaded Stir-fry

I have decided I will feature weekly an easy, healthy meal that my family enjoys. The first one I will share is an easy veggie loaded stir-fry. Most of my family prefers vegetarian, but the odd few times I have made it with chicken as well. Ingredients –…

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Roasted Veggie Rice Bowl

A Dinnerly meal listed at 20-30 minutes cook time with prep. Listed as a gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian meal. Roasted veggie rice bowl with smoked paprika vinaigrette. Her take: The entire time I ate this meal, I couldn’t decide if I liked it. To me,…

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Vegan Stereotypes

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but vegans don’t have a very positive reputation. They are, unfortunately, still a heavily stereotyped group. Increasingly, it seems like unless someone already has a friend who is vegan, if they are introduced to…

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One of my many stories about being a dumb kid involved thinking that something that smelled as good as vanilla extract just HAD to be delicious. If you never tried tasting it by itself, let me save you the trouble: Reader, it does not taste good. Pure…

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Eggs in Purgatory

Eggs in Purgatory Failing to go shopping on Sunday left us with limited choices for supper. Sure, we had plenty of pasta and cheese on hand, but I had served pasta the night before. There were also a few dishes we had in the freezer, but defrosting would…

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Wellspring of Peace

The Power and Protein of Pecans!

(Say Hello to Nut Meat and Goodbye to Animal Meat!) Time for Pecans to take a bow! I want to talk about Pecans today for a number of reasons — but mainly because pecans, like most other tree nuts, are a delectable and powerful source of protein. Most…

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The Veg Isle

Italian sausage stew

Years ago, I found myself watching Andrew Graham-Dixon and Giorgio Locatelli’s Italy Unpacked (series 3, episode 2) utterly intoxicated by the Umbrian landscape and the purity of the food. In this episode, Giorgio uses a very particular type of local…

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