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Spicy Asian Noodles with Mushrooms (for one)

As happens sometimes, I was alone and needing to cook just for myself. I decided that I wanted a vegetarian dish, and Asian seemed nice. That’s something that my family doesn’t tend to enjoy as much as I do. They like Asian food – but, I really like Asian…

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Toddler-friendly Recipes

I love food. Nowadays I wake up to the sound of my son calling “Mama! Mama! Hustle!” but in the old days I woke up so that I could eat breakfast. I’m blessed with a good eater but that doesn’t mean he’s not choosy, and I love finding foods that he enjoys…

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Christmas spiced rice pudding

Yes, it’s only November but I’ve already got my Christmas tree up and fancied a rice pudding with some seasonal flavours so here it is. This is the tough bit…waiting for the dish to finish cooking so I can grab a photo………I’ll watch Pointless for a bit I…

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My Annoying Opinions


Alu-gobi or cauliflower cooked with potatoes is a North Indian staple. It is also a dish that has no fixed recipe beyond calling for potatoes and cauliflower. Like most dishes from the home-cooking repertoire (which is almost all of Indian food) it is more…

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Going Vegan Is NOT That Good For You

We can not escape people preaching and proclaiming their virtue signaling veganism. That’s fine, you do you. But don’t go around telling people how healthy it is when it really isn’t. Humans did not make it this far on a plant diet; there are a lot of…

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Chow Chow: Less than 10 gms Carbs

One of the biggest issues with a low carb diet is to figure out how to eat just a vegetable. You Need: One Chow Chow (Chayote), peeled, de-seeded and cut into very thin strips. Butter, a tablespoon. Garlic Powder. Freshly Ground Pepper, a heaped teaspoon…

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