Serving up the hottest dishes on

Serving up the hottest dishes on

Tag It Up!

So, you want to get featured on FoodPress. There are a few things you can do to up your chances of getting featured, which we outline in the blog post Five Ways to Get Featured on FoodPress. Today we’re going to talk specifically tagging your posts, which we haven’t covered in detail previously. The bottom […]

Five Ways to Get Featured on FoodPress

FoodPress is a lot like Freshly Pressed, only yummier. And getting featured on FoodPress can be a great traffic driver. And who doesn’t want that? Here are four tips that can help increase your chances of getting featured on FoodPress. 1. Read Joy Victory’s blog post “Five Ways to Get Featured on Freshly Pressed” Joy is the editorial […]

Welcome to FoodPress!

Let us be the first to welcome you to FoodPress! We’ve been getting oodles of questions about this new website, so we thought we’d give a quick introduction so you know what FoodPress is all about…and why it is so awesome. FoodPress features the best in WordPress food blogging. Each weekday, FoodPress will be updated with […]